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Europäischer Freiwilligendienst in Belarus für 2016-2017: Jetzt bewerben! (Ausschreibung auf Englisch)

Long-term EVS hosting project, 10-12 months

Minsk, Belarus, NGO “YEC “Fialta” for Germans


“Fialta Youth Education Centre is our town, our culture, our way of thinking.”


Fialta works with and for teenagers and young people of Belarus, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local communities.

The main activities of the organization - is the support and maintenance of youth initiatives, conducting various training programs for young people.

The volunteer will do his/her activities mainly in Youth Education Centre “Fialta”, but he/she might be involved also in activities outside of Fialta and Minsk, especially during summer.

Fialta positioned as open to new ideas. So if you have the experience that you want to share, ideas you want to realize, we are pleased to create conditions for you.

Volunteer will be involved in the following activities:

  • Educational workshops in youth centre Fialta:

Fialta runs regular activities for young people in the age of 16 to 26, who comes to its youth education and information centre. These educational activities and programs varies from short to long term and covers such topics as: effective communication, team work, leadership, intercultural learning, human rights, gender issues, active participation, culture, ecology etc. The programs mostly are based on interactive artistic and creative forms and methods (theatre, painting, drawing, music, video, etc) in combination with experiential learning methodology.

  • Leisure activities in youth center:

Volunteers will run different kind of leisure activities in different dimensions. There are movie and language clubs functioning on regular bases. Besides that there are so occasional theatre and art events, non-periodic cultural and thematic meetings.

  • Working with IT technologies:

At this moment Fialta is using social networks (VK,FB) and a web site for promoting the results of its activities, that provides information about organization, its activities and promote the concept of voluntary service.

  • Cultural evenings and free language courses for youngsters:

Organization wants to develop cultural evening activities. These evenings are aimed to educate youngsters about other cultures by using video, games, discussions, etc. as methods. As well there is English club functioning in Fialta, by previous volunteers German and Spanish clubs have been conducted for the year and it is planned that language club will be continued by new EVS volunteers;

  • Support of youth initiatives:

Fialta supports youth initiatives by giving them space for realizing their ideas and giving needed consultations and mentorship. That work requires a lot of contribution and we lack human resources. EVS volunteer will work as support person for youth initiatives and will learn how to become good mentor  and coach for youth initiatives in frames of Open Youth Center.

Profile of volunteer:

The volunteer is not required have special experience and skills in working with young people, but requires interest, curiousity and the ability to work in a team.

Our basic requests to volunteer are:

?        age between 18-30 years old;

?         interested and motivated in working with young people;

?        interested in youth issues;

?        willing to get involved in communicating with young people;

?         patient, responsible, creative, open-minded.

The volunteer will act as a support to the organization Fialta. Volunteer are encouraged to express their opinion and give suggestions.

Detailed information about the EVS in Minsk: 

Expected working hours 

The volunteers will usually work five days a week (Monday - Friday) between 3 pm and 9 pm. For special events, they might have to work on Saturdays.


 2 days of holidays per month.


 Volunteers will receive money for food on monthly bases  (90 € per month) and they will be able to cook and buy food for themselves. Volunteer’s mentor will show the shops and markets where they could do shopping for food.


 Volunteers will share an apartment in Minsk city. They will have own rooms. The apartment is equipped with bathroom, toilet, washing machine, kitchen and kitchen furniture, furniture in the rooms, dishes.

Local transport  

Fialta will inform the volunteers about the time table of public transport in Minsk. Monthly tickets for public transport in Minsk will be provided. International transport The volunteers will receive 90 % of their travel cost to Minsk and back, as well as costs for visa and residence permissions.


The EVS programme is free of charge.

Health insurance 

The volunteers will be insured for the time of their stay.


Each volunteer will receive 55 € per month („pocket money“)

To take part in a project, please, send:

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. CV in english (using the Europass format) to: topic “EVS German”


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5. August 2016