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'Climate Of Hate' For LGBT Defenders In Former Soviet Republics

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Fre, 2017-12-22 10:10
Amnesty International says groups that defend LGBT rights are facing a rise in hostility in parts of the former Soviet Union, fueled by discrimination, homophobia, and what it called Russia's crusade against "nontraditional sexual relationships."
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Supreme Court confirms death verdicts for 2 men

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mit, 2017-12-20 14:44

The Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Belarus has upheld the death sentences earlier handed down to Ihar Hershankou and Siamion Berazhnoi, two of the four people involved in the so-called ‘black realtors’ case’.

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Practice of holding peaceful assemblies in Belarus cannot be a good example, Viasna and BHC say

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Die, 2017-12-19 13:36

The experts of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee have prepared an overview of the situation with freedom of assembly in Belarus in 2016-2017. The analytical document is part of a regional project run by the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL). Earlier, the initiative presented the results of monitoring of freedom of peaceful assembly in the five Balkan countries. Now a similar review of Belarus is available online.

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Authors Of Articles For Russian News Agency On Trial In Belarus

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Mon, 2017-12-18 11:38
Three Belarusians who have contributed articles to the Russian news outlet Regnum went on trial in Minsk on December 18 on hate-crimes charges.
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Restricting civil society participation in OSCE a tremendous setback for Helsinki process, says CSP

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mit, 2017-12-13 09:45

“Restricting civil society participation in the work of the OSCE would be a tremendous setback for the Helsinki process and a betrayal of the spirit and founding values of this unique peace advancement initiative,” says an appeal by the Civic Solidarity Platform, a network of more than 90 human rights NGOs from throughout the OSCE region.

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Ex-defendant in ‘White Legion case’ charged with weapon possession

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Die, 2017-12-12 14:40

Andrei Bialiauski, who earlier faced charges in so-called ‘White Legion case’, has been formally accused of storing a cartridge (Part 2 of Art. 295 of the Criminal Code — Illegal manufacturing, purchase, transfer, possession, sale, storage, transportation, or carrying of firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc.). Bialiauski told this on December 12, shortly after another interrogation at the Investigative Committee.

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Opposition leader Mikalai Statkevich briefly detained at border checkpoint

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Die, 2017-12-12 10:21

Belarusian border officers have detained Mikalai Statkevich, leader of the opposition National Congress, as he was leaving the country together with his wife Maryna Adamovich this morning.

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UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination publishes findings on Belarus

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mon, 2017-12-11 13:43

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has published its findings on the countries it examined during its latest session from 20 November to 8 December. These include Belarus, which last reported to the Committee in 2013.

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Belarusian Foreign Minister Wants 'Irreversible' Improvement In Ties With EU

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Fre, 2017-12-08 15:39
Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimer Makey said improvements in ties with the European Union since the EU removed most sanctions in 2016 must be made "irreversible." Makey was speaking to Current Time TV on the sidelines of an OSCE ministerial meeting in Vienna on December 8.
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Monitoring report on the formation of district election commissions

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Fre, 2017-12-08 14:43

Observation is carried out by the Belarusian Helsinki Committee and the Human Rights Center "Viasna" in the framework of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections".

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UN HRC urges Belarus not to expel Iranian facing death in home country

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Don, 2017-12-07 09:55

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on the Belarusian government not to expel Mehrdad Jamshidian, an Iranian national residing in Belarus, who is facing torture and the death penalty in his home country, human rights activist Raman Kisliak told BelaPAN.

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Belarusians Fighting On Both Sides In Eastern Ukraine

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Don, 2017-12-07 09:53
Belarusian volunteers have been fighting on both sides of the Ukrainian government's war with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. But when they return to Belarus, their treatment may depend on which side they backed. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)
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Human Rights Situation in Belarus: November 2017

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mon, 2017-12-04 11:10

In November, the government continued to use repressive practices against political opponents and civil society activists; there were no significant systemic changes in the field of human rights.

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UN experts set uncomfortable questions in Belarus anti-discrimination report

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mon, 2017-12-04 09:01

The lack of anti-discrimination legislation, the absence of an ombudsman, the problem with the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession, the presence of the President's decree on social dependency, lack of cooperation between the government and the civil society — these and other concerns, which characterize the overall situation of human rights in the country, were raised before the official delegation of Belarus during the consideration of the country’s report in the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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Belarusian Centenarian Recounts Repression Under Stalin

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Son, 2017-12-03 18:02
A centenarian who lived through Stalin's repression recounts the hardships and some of the happier times of her life.
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Belarus Drops Charges Against Group Authorities Had Accused Of Plotting Riots

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Fre, 2017-12-01 17:37
Belarusian authorities have dropped charges against alleged members of the White Legion, a group they had accused of plotting unrest across the country.
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Authorities end investigation in ‘White Legion case’

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Don, 2017-11-30 13:25

“The preliminary investigation of the case is completed. On November 27, a decision was taken to discontinue the criminal prosecution of all defendants in the so-called ‘White Legion case’. We believe that this has drawn a line under the case. The case file has been sent to the prosecutor for consideration and assessment of the legality of the decision. The defendants have begun to familiarize with the decision to dismiss the criminal case and the case file,” the Investigative Committee’s website said today.

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Death Penalty in Europe and Central Asia: Close to the Finishing Line

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Don, 2017-11-30 13:10

On 11 December 1977 Amnesty International and participants of the International Conference on the Abolition of the Death Penalty issued the Stockholm Declaration which called on all governments to bring about the immediate and total abolition of the death penalty. At the time, only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty. Forty years on, that figures stands at 105. To mark this anniversary, Amnesty International looks through this newsletter at trends in Europe and Central Asia and takes a closer look at the use of the death penalty in Belarus, the last executioner in the region.

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Kazakh, Belarusian Leaders Hail Trade, Economic Ties After Minsk Meeting

Radio Free Europe -- Belarus service - Mit, 2017-11-29 20:23
The presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus hailed their countries' trade and economic ties after a bilateral meeting in Minsk.
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HRD Memorial launched to commemorate slain defenders

The Human Rights Center 'Viasna' - Mit, 2017-11-29 14:24

On 24 November, an international coalition of national and international human rights organisations launched the HRD Memorial website and database. This is a unique project aimed to commemorate all the human rights defenders (HRDs) who have been killed since the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders came into effect in 1998.

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