We say no to the Russian invasion of Ukraine!

Our statement in support of Ukraine

It is since today that war is raging in Europe. The Russian army has entered Ukraine from several locations, and Russian tanks are rolling through the eastern territories of the country. Ukraine reports the first losses and civilian casualties as a result of the Russian attack. The illegitimate Lukashenko regime has made Belarus an accomplice in this criminal war of aggression.

We strongly condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The Putin regime has broken the most basic rules of the international order and is responsible for the bloodshed in Ukraine. We cannot accept this breach of international law.

The information campaign led by the Kremlin and the Russian propaganda channels is corroding the European public, fuelling fear, sowing helplessness, and hopelessness.

Yet we should not be hopeless.

We should act and pledge unprecedented support to Ukraine. We must not accept that in the 21st century it is the law of the strongest.

Dr. Hanna Stähle, Chair of the Board of the German-Belarusian Society:

„The Kremlin-led ‘special military operation’ is not only a war against Ukraine, this is a war against Europe. Russia denies Ukraine its right to sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as to existence and self-determination. Just as it has also denied Belarus this right. This puts the pan-European and international order in question and plunges the continent into an unwanted war. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.“

We call upon the German federal government and the EU to massively increase financial aid to Ukraine and to support the country politically at all levels. We must not leave Ukraine alone in this darkest hour since its independence. We urge German and European civil society to organise solidarity actions with Ukraine and to raise funds.