About the German-Belarusian Society

We are one of the oldest German civil society organisations promoting dialogue between Belarus and Germany. We can build on a wealth of experience. For more than two decades we have been responsible for the Minsk Forum – one of the most important platforms for political, economic and social dialogue between the two countries.

Once a year, the Minsk Forum brings together actors from politics and business, from culture and civil society. This table is rarely round because of the many contentious issues and the tense political situation. All issues that are pending between the two countries are to be discussed there.

Committed to dialogue between Belarus and Germany. We are the Minsk Forum!

Why Belarus?

Minsk is only a little more than 1000 km away from Berlin, and yet Belarus remains an unknown country for many. Less of knowledge, lack of personal contacts as well as some negative headlines often led to persisting stereotypes about the country and its people in recent years. Yet Belarus has a long and rich history in the heart of Europe, at the intersection of cultures and religion.

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